Mindfulness Gift – refine balance

Mindful Practice for Awareness & Let Go

Mindfulness is the ability to calm your wandering mind and to focus on the present moment. 

Mindfulness practice comes in different forms, like basic breathing focus, or combine it with yoga exercise, or during daily activities like drinking tea, walking in the park etc.

It is about creating moments to practice awareness and control of your thoughts.

There are many pieces of research proving the benefit of mindfulness to help reduce stress, improve creativity, enhance productivity, and strengthen self-awareness and personal happiness.

Below are a few references on the art of Focus &  Mindfulness. (tons more out there)

By balancing LaBird, it provides you with an opportunity to slow down, calm your wandering thoughts and be mindful about your own balance, physically as well as mentally.

Holding the LaBirds in your palm, the angular shapes stimulate your tactile, give a sense of weight. Toss to observe how they tangle and clashes, pay attention to the awakening tinkles.

When you stack, be aware of your breathing, calm your mind and body to focus, steady your hands and fingers…

Awaken your sense of balance and calm, you may steadily find physical and emotional balance during the moments.

Sometimes, the balance attempt might fail, just let them fall… aware of your thoughts, let go and put a smile on your face.

It is part of the mindfulness practice to focus your mind on the moment in moments of stress 🙂

Facing the moments of failure could be difficult for some people, and it creates anxieties and stress.

As part of mindfulness practice, we practice the awareness of our emotions and learn to observe and learn the art of Let Go.

With practice, you will learn to creatively balance LaBirds with a peaceful mind, and calmly let them fall accept the fail attempt; take a deep breath, calmly try again with a smile on your face.

Practice often, Practice everywhere

Like training our muscles, being mindful requires constant practice to strengthen our ability to sense and control our awareness. 

Mindfulness ability becomes even more important in the digital world, where we constantly bombarded with information and connected distractions. 

By displaying LaBirds on your desk, or carry around with you, it helps to inspire and remind you to be more balanced and mindful and to take control of your own happiness.