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Proven ways to improve focus with LaBird

Apart from having fun with stacking game, LaBird is designed to help you practice & improve focus.

To stacking the LaBird, you need to stay focus and control your breath and be calm. shared an article below regarding 7 scientifically proven exercises to improve focus.

Practice with LaBird fall in the method 5 & 6.

5. Bring more mindfulness into your day

While experience meditation practitioner can having moments of mindfulness anywhere and anytime, LaBird provide a tool for beginners to practice mindfulness that bring mind and body senses together.

6. Add physical exercise to your attention exercise routine

Though LaBird is not an actual physical exercise, it is physical tactile and weight in your hands stimulus senses and awareness.

And as you practice to balance more LaBird on top, its requirement in focus and energy increase expenantially.

In some case, you may sweat like you’ve been doing physical exercise.

As the article point out, these activities aren’t hacks, but rather ways to slowly rebuild your attention muscle and become more focused in your work and your life.

Let’s continue practice for a more mindful and balanced living.