Starter Set 3 x LaBird – Creative & Mindfulness Gift for Body & Mind Balancing Game


LaBird – Creative & Mindful Balance for your body & mind

A new experience crafted to practice concentration, to unleash creativity, and to refine balance for body & mind.

Starter Set – 3 x LaBird

(Retail at HKD280/USD36)

* Practice concentration & mindfulness
* Balanced mind and body
* Unleash creativity
* Balancing Game challenges
* Gift of self-care
* Gift of love for friends & family
* Desktop mini-Sculpture
* STEAM education

You will get THREE pieces of LaBird (Brass Metal)
– 1 x Anodized Silver colour
– 1 x Anodized Gold colour
– 1 x Anodized Rose Gold colour
– 1 x Downable Stack Diagram
– 1x Carry Bag (Small)


Creative & Mindful Balance for Body & Mind

LaBird is a little bird with a big dream to explore the world of Mindful Happiness!

LaBird is designed to be stackable to practice focus & mindfulness, or simply a fun desktop game when you feel like a little zen.

  • Keep calm and steady with a deep breath.
  • Be concentrated and focus to sense your own balance with body and mind.
  • Senses the tactile and balance each LaBird to discover new possibilities with creativities.

LaBirds in Sets:

  • Starter Set – 3 x LaBirds
  • Advance Set – 6 x LaBirds
  • Pro Set – 9 x LaBirds
  • Ultimate Set – 12 x LaBirds

Creativity & Fun

There are at least 500 ways to stack just 3 LaBirds.

Use your creativity and challenge yourself to discover new possibilities.

Hidden Message

LaBird’s body is a secret message container. It could be a gift message for your friends & family, or a message that you want to be reminded of every day, e.g. goals & wishes …

You can place LaBird on your desk as a reminder of mindfulness and your dreams.

Mindfulness on the go

You can also carry LaBird as a charm, keychain, pendant, paperweight etc…

For those who love travel, you can fly with LaBirds, practice mindfulness on the go and take a selfie with LaBird to record the happy moments as you are aware…..


Go to mindfulness page.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 40 mm


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